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Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) F.C. Sterling Silver Dish - 1960-1961 League & F.A. Cup Double   
Poston Products Ltd, Birmingham 1962
$ 350.00

A Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club sterling silver dish, celebrating the greatest event in the club's history, the winning of "The Double", the Football League and the F.A. Cup Final in the 1960-1961 season. The dish is circular with raised sides which are fluted or scalloped, with engraved crest of the cockerel with spurs standing on a football, above "T.H.F.C.", centrally positioned between the 4 hallmarks. The dish is small, but would be perfect for sweets or nuts. The hallmarks form part of the design, these include Birmingham anchor, Sterling silver lion passant, date letter N for 1962 and makers mark PP Ltd for Poston Products, who worked between 1951 and 1972. Spurs was founded in 1882, the first won the FA cup in 1901. They became the first club in the 20th century to achieve the League and FA Cup Double in 1960-1961, and collected at least one major trophy in each of the six decades from the 1950s to 2000s – an achievement only matched by Manchester United. The 1960-1961 team was captained b...

Royal South African Air Force Gold Sweetheart brooch - WW II   
London C 1940
$ 420.00

A Royal South African Air Force gold sweetheart brooch, dating from World War II. The brooch features the crest of the old Union of South Africa, with 4 quarters for the four provinces, an ox wagon representing Transvaal Province, a woman with an anchor representing Cape Province, two wildebeests representing Natal Province and an orange tree representing the Orange Free State Province. This is surrounded by a laurel wreath, under the Royal crown of King George VI, between the traditional pilots feathered wings. This badge is incorporated into a bar brooch (not added as is usual for sweetheart brooches), the hinge, clasp and pin are also gold. The brooch also has a suspension loop attached to a fine gold chain and gold safety pin, all in perfect condition, this was a good quality brooch when it was made. The brooch is clearly hallmarked 9CT for nine carat gold. The Royal South African Air Force provided 35 squadrons during World War II, mostly in North Africa and Italy, with 18000 staff deployed.

Maritzburg Durban Inter-Town Shooting Competition 1892 Sterling Silver Pendant
Norman Watson, South Africa 1960
$ 270.00

An interesting sterling silver trophy medallion, shaped in the shape of a Zulu shield, presented annually for a shooting competition between the towns of Pietermaritzburg and Durban of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. the medallion has 2 crossed rifles behind a smaller Zulu shield, surrounded by palm fronds with a decorative border, above latin motto and town name scrolls. The shield reads "Inter-Town Shooting presented 1892 for Annual Competition, Mayor of Maritzburg R. Mason Esq, Mayor of Durban B.W. Greenacre Esq", the scrolls have town names "Maritzburg Durban" either side, and the motto reads "Palman Qiu Meruit Ferat", translated "let whoever earns the palm bear it". The medallion has suspension rings so it can be worn as a pendant. The medallion is clearly hallmarked with South African sterling silver hallmarks, STG, SABS standard mark, date letter Gothic M for 1960, and makers mark of Dick King riding a horse for Norman Watson of Durban, South Africa. Watson worked in the 1960's and 1970's. We assume this ...

Grenadier Guards Diamond, Pearl and Gold Regimental Sweetheart Brooch
Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd., London C 1940
$ 960.00

A beautiful Grenadier Guards Diamond, Pearl and 14 Carat gold sweetheart brooch, perfectly preserved in it's original Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Regent Street box. The brooch features the Grenadier Guard's flaming grenade, the flames portion contains 25 small diamonds set in 14 carat gold, the body of the grenade is a natural pearl, 6 mm in diameter, set in a gold striated bowl. The grenade is mounted on a gold bar brooch, with gold pin and gold safety roller catch, this is a good quality sweetheart brooch, and would have been expensive when new. No hallmarks are present, but the brooch has tested as 14 carat gold. The original box is also beautiful, leather with gold detail, the interior silk and velvet, it reads "By Appointment to H. M. The King, The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd, 112 Regent St. London W". The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co became Limited in 1898, they were amalgamated into Garrard's, The Crown Jeweller's, in 1952. We have tentatively dated this brooch to World War II, but it could be...

South African Artillery Gold and Enamel Sweetheart Brooch - WW II, Ubique
London C 1940
$ 420.00

A WW II South African Artillery Regiment 9 carat gold and enamel sweetheart brooch, the detail is lovely. The brooch features a cannon under Royal crown with red enamel, with motto "UBIQUE" (everywhere) in blue enamel above cannon, and "South Africa / Suid Afrika" in blue enamel below. The brooch is clearly hallmarked 9CT for 9 carat gold, the clasp and hinge are also gold but the pin is not, it is stamped "Metal". 14 South African artillery regiments served in North Africa and Italy during the second world war.

Antique Sterling Silver Shoe Sugar Bowl - Miniature?, Cutler of Jersey
Nathan & Hayes, Chester 1902
$ 520.00

An antique sterling silver shoe, we hesitate to call it miniature as it is almost real size, perhaps a child's size, we assume originally intended as a sugar bowl. It is in the traditional form as silver miniature shoes, a replica of a 16th century court shoe, profusely decorated with flowers, leaves and scrolls, with a bow on the front, and shaped heel at the back. it has been well preserved in its original box (silk and velvet, a good quality box), the box reads "Cutler Jeweller Jersey". The shoe is clearly hallmarked, the hallmarks hidden in the decoration but clearly legible, the base of the heel is also hallmarked. JF Cutler was a prestigious Jeweller who operated from 2 Queen's Street (still a jeweller today trading as Goldsmiths), he is known to have been there between 1900 and 1920.

Christopher Lawrence Silver Gilt Charles & Diana Commemorative Coronation Orb - Royal Family Event
Christopher Lawrence, London 1981
$ 1 300.00

A limited edition (no. 12 of 100) silver gilt Commemorative Coronation or Sovereign's orb, made to celebrate the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981, commissioned for a Royal Family event, and made by leading silversmith Christopher Lawrence. The textured gilt orb is surmounted by the cross, and the orb is decorated with the armorials of Charles and Diana, the orb rests on a baluster support mounted on a polished green marble base, with felt base. The orb opens in half on 2 hinges to reveal back to back ovals on blue and red backgrounds with their family crests, beneath letters C and D, surrounded by cast gilt roses and silver leaves. The cross rises and falls slightly to open and close the globes. The interior circular frame is clearly hallmarked, and the interior of one globe is stamped "12/100". Christopher Lawrence is one of the 50 leading silversmiths in the book "Designer British Silver 1930-1985" by Andrew and Styles, in fact his work is featured on the main cover of the book (Reed Warbler Candelabra)...

Royal Flying Corps Gold Pilots Wing Sweetheart Brooch - The Great War
James Fenton, Birmingham 1914-1918
$ 350.00

A RFC (Royal Flying Corps) 9 carat gold pilot's wing sweetheart brooch, dating back to the Great War (World War I). The RFC logo between two feathered wings is mounted on a slender bar (also 9 carat gold), which is clearly hallmarked J.F for James Fenton of Birmingham, and 9CT for nine carat gold. The hinge and clasp are also gold, the pin is not. This brooch also has a suspension ring with gold chain and gold safety pin, to prevent the brooch being lost. This brooch is quite small and light, but still a rare and lovely item. The RFC was established in 1912, and in 1918 it was merged with the Royal Naval Air Service to form the Royal Air Force (RAF), so only existed for 6 years. 11 RFC members received the Victoria Cross during the War, mortality rates for pilots was extremely high.

Transvaal Scottish Volunteers Regiment Gold Sweetheart Brooch - WW II
London 1942
$ 420.00

A 9 Carat gold World War II Transvaal Scottish Volunteers Regiment Sweetheart brooch, with motto " Alba nam Buadh (Scotland, Home of the Virtues), in full working order. The brooch is lovely quality, with 2 tones of gold (yellow and red), set on a bar brooch. The back of the brooch is engraved "MOIRA 12/6/42", and both the brooch and the clasp are clearly hallmarked 9CT for nine carat gold. The Transvaal Scottish Regiment was established by John Murray, 7th Earl of Atholl, in 1902 at the end of the Anglo Boer War, it still exists today. During World War 2 when this brooch was presented, the regiment fought mostly in North and East Africa, notably at El Alamein.

Sterling Silver & Enamel Napkin Rings (Pair) - East London South Africa
James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1932
$ 200.00

A pair of octagonal engine turned napkin rings, with applied armorial of the city of East London, South Africa. The armorials are lovely, with 4 colours of enamel, and good quality and gilded, we assume a metal, possibly silver, but no hallmarks are visible (possibly hidden on the back which is glued to the napkin rings. The rings are a pleasing shape, with 2 engine turned panels each, both are clearly hallmarked. The armorial depicts the cross of St George, as with the original London, with sheaves of wheat and sheep depicting agriculture, below a rising sun signifying the east. The shield rests on a gold anchor, as per the Cape Colony arms. This armorial was granted in 1892, it was replaced in 1959 by a more heraldically correct version.

Natal Mercury Sterling Silver Medal N.A.R.A. 1928
Cape 1928
$ 140.00

A Natal Mercury sterling silver Medal, awarded in 1928 by N.A.R.A. The medal has a winged Mercury, the Roman messenger of the Gods, running across a bridge, surrounded by "Natal Mercury 1928". The reverse has a laurel wreath, and is engraved "N.A.R.A. won by" - with no name engraved. The Natal Mercury is South Africa's oldest newspaper, established in 1852, and still running today, it still uses Mercury as it's logo. We are not sure what NARA stands for, perhaps Natal Amateur Running Association? The mercury logo is also used by the Comrades Marathon, the world's largest and oldest ultramarathon race, 89 km's between Durban and PieterMaritzburg, established in 1921. All finishers received a silver medal until 1931, we are not sure if this medal was intended for the comrades. We have also seen a 9 carat gold version of this medal.

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) Gold Sweetheart Brooch
W.O.L., Birmingham 1967
$ 420.00

A REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) Regimental 9 carat gold Sweetheart Brooch. The badge depicts a horse rearing with a coronet around its neck, linked via a chain to a globe the horse is standing on. Behind the horse there is a lightning flash, which symbolises electrical engineering while the globe stands for the world-wide role of the unit. The chained horse symbolises power under control. The badge is completed with the British Royal Crown. The flash and crown are clearly hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold, the horse is a much lighter colour, we assume it is white gold. The hinge, pin and safety clasp are also yellow gold. The brooch also has a gold suspension ring behind the lightning flash, possibly for another form of attachment. The brooch is clearly hallmarked for Birmingham 1967, 9 carat gold and has makers mark W.O.L, they worked between 1953 and 1970 but are currently un-identified, possibly W.O. Lewis. This badge is described by members of the REME as "a horse dropping a bollock".

S.A.O.U Sterling Silver Kaapstad Medallion, 1905-1955
South African Mint, Pretoria 1955
$ 140.00

A sterling silver medallion commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the South African Teachers Union (Suid Afrikaanse Onderwys Unie) IN 1955. The front of the medallion shows Cape Town's Table Mountain under clouds, with KAAPSTAD engraved underneath, the reverse has S.A.O.U above a scroll with the dates 1905-1955. The medallion has a loop so it can be worn as a pendant. This is a beautiful medallion, excellent quality and in very fine condition. The medallion is clearly hallmarked with the South African Lion above U, STG sterling mark, date letter gothic h for 1955, and makers mark SAM for South African Mint. The SAOU still exists today, with branches in all 9 provinces, representing South African teachers, unfortunately their website does not explain it's history or this beautiful medallion.

Antique Silver Ceremonial Key - John Diggle, Lord Bishop of Carlisle, Grasslot Mission Room Maryport
James Fenton, Birmingham 1908
$ 240.00

An antique sterling silver ceremonial key, presented to the Lord Bishop of Carlisle on the opening of the Grasslot Mission Room, Maryport in 1908. The key is the traditional shape, with 2 shields (one engraved, the reverse blank) surrounded by scrolls, and a ribbed stem. The key is engraved "Presented to the Lord Bishop on opening Grasslot Mission Room 1908". The key is good quality, a pleasing weight, and has been perfectly preserved in it's original box. The box reads "J.W. Johnston & Son Carlisle", the box is also good quality with velvet and silk interior. JW Johnston were leading jewellers and cloackmakers in Carlisle, an advert shows they had been in business over 49 years. John William Diggle was Bishop of Carlisle between 1905 and 1920, so we assume the key was presented to him (Maryport is a short distance from Carlisle and falls within its area). The hallmarks are clear. James Fenton of Birmingham worked between 1854 and 1956. The Grasslot Mission Chapel was built in 1908, and was sold by the Baptis...

Sterling Silver Sandwich Flags (Set of 6) - 20 Name Flags, Art Deco Silver
Adolph Scott, Birmingham 1929
$ 430.00

An interesting set of 6 Art Deco sterling silver sandwich flags, perfectly preserved in their original box. The silver flags are accompanied by 20 double sided interchangeable plastic flag names, these include: - caviare, tomato& cheese, smoked salmon,beef, cucumber, sardine, anchovy,chicken, egg& anchovy, egg, ham, cheese, tomato, lobster, cress, smoked roe, crab, banana, tongue and fish. The flags themselves are good quality, ivory in colour (sometimes described as ivorine, certainly intended to imitate ivory) with clear black lettering, all 20 are in good condition. The flags can be interchanged according to the menu. It is interesting to see what would have been on the sandwich menu in 1929, caviare, smoked roe and lobster, but also banana! All 6 flags are fully hallmarked, clearly legible on 5 flags, one flag has indistinct marks. All 6 flags are also marked "Made in England", alongside a provisional patent number "Pro/ Pt 33279/28" and design registration number "Rd 742069". Adolph Scott worked between...

Scottish Silver Millenium Elliptical Silver Napkin Rings (Pair) - Eric Norris Smith
Eric Norris Smith, Edinburgh 2000
$ 280.00

A pair of Scottish sterling silver Millenium napkin riings, elliptical in shape, with the Millenium hallmarks struck as part of the design. The rings are good quality and a very pleasing weight, and do not appear to have been used. The hallmarks have been arranged around the special 2000 cross hallmark, used to celebrate the millenium. Eric Smith was an award winning designer and Jeweller, based in Glasgow for over 50 years until his retirement in 2018. He also completed a project to restore the Glasgow hallmark in 2013, which had not been used since 1963.

The Royal Sussex Regiment 15 Carat Gold and Enamel Sweetheart Brooch - WW I
London C 1914
$ 660.00

A Royal Sussex Regiment 15 carat gold and enamel sweetheart brooch, probably dating from the 1st World War, but possibly earlier (Anglo Boer War). The brooch consists of the Garter Star with Roussillon plume, red enamel cross, blue enamel motto "Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense", above blue enamel scroll "The Royal Sussex Rgt". The star and plume are white gold, which contrasts nicely with the yellow gold of the enamel and bar. The badge is mounted on a bar brooch with Y shaped safety clasp, the pin, hinge and clasp are all gold. Both the badge and bar are hallmarked 15CT for 15 carat gold, this standard of gold was discontinued by Britain in 1932, hence we can date this brooch to the Great War. The Royal Sussex Regiment was established in 1881, they saw service in the Anglo Boer War, World War I and World War II. They were amalgamated with other regiments in 1966. The brooch also has a old ring link at the top, so could also be worn as a pendant on a chain.

Victorian Novelty Cast Silver Dog Pepper - Thomas Johnson, Frederick Edmonds
Thomas Johnson (Dyer's Buildings), London 1895
$ 1 800.00

A beautifully modelled Victorian cast silver novelty pepper (or pepperette) of a running dog, with pull off pierced head. The dog is a delight to hold and use, the texture gives a pleasing feel, this is a fine quality item. The dog rests firmly on a table, no wobbles. Both the body and the head are clearly hallmarked, including makers mark FE in shaped punch for Thomas Johnson (Dyer's buildings), which was established in 1850, and was transferred to Sampson Mordan in 1898. Frederick Edmonds (FE makers mark used 1892-1898) joined the business in 1878, he took over full control in 1892 until his death in 1898, when his widow transferred the business to Sampson Mordan & Co. Thomas Johnson specialised in small novelty silver items, they supplied many top retailers, including Walter Thornhill, both locally and internationally.

Sampson Mordan Silver Thermometer Case for Chatelaine
Sampson Mordan & Co, Chester 1910
$ 480.00

A rare Sampson Mordan sterling silver thermometer case, made to be attached to a chatelaine. The case is tubular, the sliding lid also attached to the chain so it can never be lost. This is a quality item, extremely well made. The original chain is connected to the lid and body with 6 silver eyes, it also has suspension link for attachment to chatelaine. The body is plain apart from incised circles, the base and lid have a raised circular end. The base of the tube is stamped with number 13. The tube is clearly hallmarked with Chester marks for 1910, alongside worn but legible makers mark, all underneath a clear "S. MORDAN & Co". The lid is not hallmarked. The thermometer (which is not working) is marked "SM Made in China" with centigrade symbol, we assume it is not original, but are not sure if the SM could be Sampson Mordan?

South African Medical Corps Gold Sweetheart Brooch - WW II, SAMC, SAGD
London C 1940
$ 420.00

A South African Medical Corps WW II gold sweetheart brooch, mounted on a bar brooch. The badge features the rod of Aesculapius with a serpent entwined round it, head uppermost and looking left, all within a laurel wreath, under a Royal crown, the same badge as used by the Royal Medical Corps. The Scroll below reads "S.A.M.C / S.A.G.D.", translated in Afrikaans the Suid Afrikaanse Geneeskunige Diens. The brooch is clearly hallmarked 9CT for 9 carat gold, the swivel clasp securely fastens the pin.

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