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Rare Tudor Pattern Antique Silver Butter Knife - Chawner & Co.   
George Adams, London 1850
$ 220.00

A rare Tudor pattern butter knife, made by Chawner & Co, the leading flatware maker of Victorian England. The butter knife is fabulous quality, and is in excellent condition, it has original owners engraved initials GML. The Tudor pattern is a Gothic Revival pattern, it has 2 small scroll circular projections on each side of the stem, this differentiates it from the "Straight Tudor" pattern. The butter knife is clearly hallmarked, it also has a star journeyman's mark. In addition, it also carries the British Registry design number and date chart diamond, which rarely occurs on silver flatware. The presence of the design mark indicates that Chawner registered the design to protect it being copied. Tudor is described by Pickford (Silver Flatware page 150) as "a rare Chawner & Co pattern registered August 14th 1850, along with Straight Tudor, it appears in the Chawner Pattern book (page 218). Odd pieces may on rare occasions, be found, but building a service would be extremely difficult". The Tudor pattern is s...

Victorian Sterling Silver Teaspoon (Set of 12) and Tongs Set - Lozenge/ Diamond Registration Mark   
Martin Hall & Co, Sheffield 1898
$ 620.00

A fabulous set of 12 Victorian sterling silver teaspoons with matching sugar tongs, each of the 13 items has the UK Patent Office Lozenge Diamond registration mark, showing this design was patented. The pattern is a bright cut shell pattern, and is double struck (on both sides), this is a beautiful pattern that will glitter in candlelight. The quality is superb, the spoons around 25 grammes each. The set is perfectly preserved in it's original box, they do not appear to have been used. There is no engraving, these spoons are as pristine as the day they were made. All 13 items are clearly hallmarked with Sheffield Crown, Sterling Lion, date letter Gothic F and makers mark RM/EH in diamond punch, for Richard Martin and Ebenezer Hall, they used this mark between 1881 and 1911 (the firm was established in 1863). In addition, all 13 items have a clear diamond or lozenge registration mark for the British Patent office, this was used between 1842 and 1883, this is the second version of the mark used between 1868 and...

Antique Dutch Silver Figural Grape Shears - Zilveren Druivenschaartje, Schoonhoven, Middelstum
Lieuwe Schoonhoven, Netherlands C 1850
$ 280.00

An interesting pair of Dutch cast silver grape shears (or scissors), modelled as a warrior, in Dutch Zilveren Druivenschaartje. It is a clever design, with one arm showing the front of the warrior holding a spear, wearing a kilt and boots, with plumed helmet, the other arm shows his rear with sword in belt. The finger grips have scrolls, and the shears are the traditional thick wedge shape, in perfect working order. Both arms are hallmarked with the Dutch sword mark (833 standard), used between 1814 and 1905, and one arm has makers mark which appears to be G over LS, which we have not identified (all assistance welcome). Note - We now believe the makers mark is 6/LS for Lieuwe Schoonhoven of Middelstum, Groningen, who worked between 1870 and 1899 (mark 14024, Nederlands Responsibility Marks since 1797).

Indian Colonial Silver Salt Spoons (Pair) - Hamilton & Co, Calcutta
Hamilton & Co, Calcutta 1860-1914
$ 180.00

A pair of Indian Colonial salt spoons, made by Hamilton & Co, the "Garrards of India". The spoons are in the Fiddle, Thread and Shell pattern with gilded bowls, and are double struck, and are pleasing quality, and in good condition. The hallmarks are clear on both spoons, makers mark H&Co, Elephant, date letter A and tally marks 2 semi circles, these marks were used 1860-1914 (source www.ascasonline.org, History and Marks of Hamilton & Co). Note the unusual & in the makers mark (quite fat), different makers marks were used by Hamilton over the years, this should assist more precise dating, further research is required. Note: We have matching sifter spoon and sauce ladles.

Norwegian Silver Baptism Spoon - David Andersen
David-Andersen, Oslo C 1900
$ 230.00

A Norwegian silver baptism spoon made by leading Norwegian silversmith David Andersen circa 1900, this is a replica of an original 16th century baptism spoon. the quality and workmanship is excellent, as is usual for these Norwegian and Danish baptism spoons. The spoon features a naked female holding fig leaf and plunging a sword into her bosom, standing on an elaborate plinth, finely decorated with faces and foliage. the tear shaped bowl is finely engraved on the back and the front, the front with Norwegian Madonna and Child, the back features Christ on the cross, overlooked by a bishop under a dove, and inscription "HIELP OS DI HELIGE TREI FOLDIG HED M M D 1511", which translates "Help us your holy Trinity". The spoon is clearly hallmarked with purity 830 and David Andersen makers mark, this mark was used between 1888 and 1925. A similar spoon is shown in the book "Collectable Souvenir Spoons Volume II, page 29, by Wayne Bednersh, and also on his website www.spoonplanet.com under Norwegian and Danish silver...

Tiffany Sterling Silver Pickle or Melon Fork - Greek Handle, Rare Pattern
Tiffany & Co, New York 1870-1891
$ 260.00

A rare and beautiful Tiffany sterling silver melon (or pickle) fork, in the Greek Handle or Greek pattern, made between 1870 and 1891. The pattern has a geometric 3 petalled flower on wavy stalk, the flowers increase in size up the handle. The bowl is long and elegant, with shaped centre tine, the handle is tubular, increasing in diameter towards the top, the end is monogrammed with script initials MEL, we assume the original owner. The fork is clearly hallmarked "Tiffany & Co M Sterling 332", the M was used by Tiffany between 1870 and 1891, to denote Edward C Moore, who headed Tiffany's silver operations. The number 332 is a pattern number. This Greek Handle pattern is extremely rare, and does not feature in many of the Tiffany flatware guides. We have noted 2 other examples, one on the Peter Cameron website, his examples include pickle forks, melon forks and fruit knives, the forks with gilded bowls, he describes this as Greek pattern, dated 1870-1875. The second example is on the Antique Cupboard website, ...

Tiffany Sterling Silver Indian Chrysanthemum Soup Ladle
Tiffany & Co, New York 1880-1934
$ 1 300.00

A fabulous Tiffany Sterling silver Indian Chrysanthemum soup ladle, in excellent condition, it does not appear to have seen much use. The pattern is truly beautiful, double struck on both sides, with a vacant cartouche for initials or a family crest (this has never been engraved). The bowl is also fluted and has a scalloped edge. The soup ladle is clearly hallmarked "TIFFANY & Co STERLING PAT.1880.M, the M indicates this is an early piece (the pattern was produced from 1880-1934). This must be one of the most beautiful example of hallmarks, with the design wrapping over and through the hallmarks. The soup ladle weighs over 350 grams, so quite hefty to hold, needless to say the quality is excellent. Indian Chrysanthemum has been described as "one of the most magnificent and celebrated sterling silver designs of the 19th century. Chrysanthemum represents one of the last great designs of the Victorian period" -(www.replacements.com), it was designed by Charles Grosjean. "Master silversmith Charles T. Grosjean jo...

Cast Victorian Silver Grape Vine and Leaf Serving Spoon
Henry Wilkinson & Co., Sheffield 1856
$ 300.00

A Victorian cast sterling silver grape vine and leaf serving spoon, realistically modelled in naturalistic style. The handle features a grape vine with bunches of grapes and leaves, the bowl is a shaped vine leaf, with very fine engraving. The spoon is gilded, the gilding is worn in places, especially the bowl, but still quite a bit of gilding is present. The spoon is fine quality, heavy to hold, clearly the work of a master craftsman. The hallmarks are clearly struck on the bowl, including makers mark HW&Co for Henry Wilkinson and Co, who worked between 1831 and 1892 when they were purchased by Walker & Hall.

Norwegian Antique Silver Tablespoons (Set of 12) Bergen, Bors
Christian & T Bors, Bergen 1854-1856
$ 860.00

A set of 12 antique Norwegian silver tablespoons, made in Bergen, Norway by the Bors family of silversmiths. The spoons are in the Fiddle and Shell pattern, and are single struck. Six spoons were made in November 1854 in 13 Loth grade by T Bors, the other 6 six spoons were made in August 1856 in higher grade 13 & 1/3 grade by Bors. The first set are heavier (average 50 grammes), better quality spoons, these are in excellent condition, the second set are lighter (average 40 grammes) and are in poorer condition. The first set are engraved with owners initials NIM on the front, the second set are prick engraved on the back with inscription and date 1856. Stylistically both sets are very similar, so can be used as a set of 12. The hallmarks on all 12 spoons are excellent, and include (first 6) 54 for 1854, 11/m for November, T.Bors maker, 13LG for 13 loth grade, and seven cannon balls (town mark for Bergen). The second 6 have 56 for 1856, 8/m for August, Bors makers mark, 13 1/3 grade mark, and seven cannon balls...

Jean-Valentin Morel Silver Vase Shaped Sugar Basin - Morel Et Cie Londres
Jean-Valentin Morel, London 1851
$ 2 900.00

A fabulous sterling silver sugar basin, in the shape of a vase, made by the highly regarded French silversmith Jean-Valentin Morel, made during the brief period he was based in London. The sugar basin is octagonal in shape, with 8 curvilinear sides, 6 smaller panels on the sides and 2 larger panels on the front and back. the basin sits on a raised foot in the same shape, the basin also has bands on the top, base and three quarters way up. the end and side panels are also finely engraved with an architectural shield with scrolls flowers and foliage. The interior is gilded with original gilding, and overall the quality is excellent, Morel was certainly a master craftsman. The foot of the basin is engraved on the exterior "MOREL & Cie a LONDRES", it is quite unusual to see English silver branded in this way, especially on the exterior. The hallmarks are excellent, including makers mark J.V.M for Jean- Valentin Morel. "Jean-Valentin Morel (1794-1860) was born in Paris, the son of a lapidary. He began his career ...

Victorian Sterling Silver Dinner Plate - Taylor Family Crest, In Cruce Salus
?B, London 1878
$ 1 200.00

A fabulous quality Victorian sterling silver dinner plate, beautifully engraved with an armorial for the Taylor family. The latin motto is "In Cruce Salus", translated "Salvation from the Cross". The engraving features a shield with 2 cockerels above a chevron and stag, below a knights helmet with a cross crosslet (cross with crossbar near the end of each arm). This is surrounded by scrolls with the latin motto on a ribbon. The plate itself is the usual circular shape with raised rim, the quality of the plate is excellent, as is the condition. The base is clearly hallmarked with London hallmarks for 1878, the makers mark is partially struck, only the second letter B is visible.

Antique Indian Silver Raj Period Spoon - Kutch
DAC, India C 1850
$ 320.00

An interesting antique Indian silver spoon, beautifully decorated with highly intricate designs, hence our attribution tp the Kutch region. The spoon is a pleasure to hold, soup spoon in size but could also be used as a small serving spoon. The handle is hollow, the dome shaped finial, with pierced sides, was made as a separate piece. The repousse decoration is very fine, clearly made by a master craftsman, it features scrolls, pillars and leaves, the finail has gadrooning as well. The bowl is also lovely, scrolls linking to handle, and a triangle and circle design around the rim. Of particular interest is that this spoon is hallmarked with maker mark DAC, on the front of the bowl rim, and another indistinguishable mark in the same place on the other side of the bowl, very easy to miss amongst the decoration. We would welcome assistance with the identification of this maker.

Indian Silver Heart Shaped Teaspoons (Set of 6) - Raj Period
India C 1880
$ 190.00

A set of 6 interesting Indian silver teaspoons, beautifully decorated, with heart shaped bowls. The spoons appear to be cast silver, and were clearly made by hand, as each handle is a slightly different length. The handles are tubular in shape, with rough cross hatched decoration (which provides good grip), the bowls have an intricate design, chased flowers around a central inverted tear shaped object (possibly a snake?), the backs of the bowls are plain. No hallmarks are present, as in usual for Indian silver of the period.

Antique Indian Raj Period Silver Scallop Shell Dish
India C 1850
$ 920.00

An ususual and beautiful antique Indian scallop shell dish, we are informed this is a rare design for Indian silver, and probably designed for colonial tastes, as it replicates a 18th century design made famous by Paul De Lamerie. The dish is the traditional scallop (or escallop) shape, with 10 ribs, each rib has repoussed (embossed) decoration, this includes numerous animals (elephant, antelopes, lions, dogs, hares and birds) interspersed with trees, flowers and foliage. The dish has 3 cast feet, lion claw under capped leaf scrolls, and rests evenly on a table. The dish is medium in size, so suitable for serving a variety of snacks. The quality is superb, clearly made by a master craftsman, it would have taken many hours to produce. As is usual for Indian silver of this period, no hallmarks are present. We welcome any comments or information on this wonderful dish.

Victorian Novelty Cast Silver Dog Pepper - Thomas Johnson, Frederick Edmonds
Thomas Johnson (Dyer's Buildings), London 1895
$ 1 550.00

A beautifully modelled Victorian cast silver novelty pepper (or pepperette) of a running dog, with pull off pierced head. The dog is a delight to hold and use, the texture gives a pleasing feel, this is a fine quality item. The dog rests firmly on a table, no wobbles. Both the body and the head are clearly hallmarked, including makers mark FE in shaped punch for Thomas Johnson (Dyer's buildings), which was established in 1850, and was transferred to Sampson Mordan in 1898. Frederick Edmonds (FE makers mark used 1892-1898) joined the business in 1878, he took over full control in 1892 until his death in 1898, when his widow transferred the business to Sampson Mordan & Co. Thomas Johnson specialised in small novelty silver items, they supplied many top retailers, including Walter Thornhill, both locally and internationally.

Rare Victorian Silver Triple Compartment Stamp Box - Grey & Co, Thornhill
Grey & Co., Birmingham 1897
$ 1 850.00

An extremely rare Victorian silver triple compartment stamp box, retailed by Thornhill of Bond Street. The box is a circular dish shape, with three triangular sprung lids, the design is ingenious. The lids have heart shaped plastic covered stamp covers, with original half penny, one penny and two and a half d stamps, these stamps are the 1887 Jubilee issue, securely held in place from behind with red wax seals. The centre has a triangular polished green hardstone which anchors the 3 hinges. Three silver wire work scrolls decorate the top between the lids, these match the 3 wire work scroll feet. Each lid has a shaped thumb piece for easy opening. The 3 interior compartments are gilded. The quality and feel of this stamp box is excellent, one of the best we have encountered. The base is engraved "W Thornhill & Co. Ltd. 144 New Bond St W.", Thornhill was the retailer. The base is clearly hallmarked, as is each of the 3 lids, the interior gilded compartment is also hallmarked - the makers mark Gy&Co appears 5 ti...

Victorian Silver and Enamel Vesta Case - Pug, Dog Vesta
Horton & Allday, Birmingham 1898
$ 700.00

A lovely Victorian silver and enamel vesta case, featuring a seated pug on a red chair, with sky and trees in the background. The enamel is oval, with a twisted rope border, the vesta is rectangular with rounded corners, and a safety ring for connection to a chain. This is a substantial vesta case, larger than the traditional size, and quite heavy in the hand. The striker plate on the base is stamped "SIRUS PATENT", which we have observed on other vesta cases by Horton & Allday, it is a nice size and oval in shape, so easy to use. The rim is clearly hallmarked, including makers mark H&A for Horton & Allday, who worked between 1888 and 1933, they seem to have specialised in vesta cases and boxes.

Rare Chinese Export Silver Long Handled Pickle Fork and Spoon - Khecheong
Khecheong, Canton, China 1840-1870
$ 1 500.00

A rare and possibly unique Chinese Export Silver Pickle Fork and matching spoon, with extremely long handles. The pair are in the Fiddle, Thread and Shell pattern, and have no engraving or monograms. Both items are just over 27 cm long, the spoon has a teaspoon sized bowl, and the fork has 4 long tines. Both are double struck (pattern on both sides), and interesting to note the spoon end turns down, while the fork turns up. The fork has the "Chevron seam found in Fiddle, Thread and Shell pattern flatware" (Forbes, Chinese Export Silver page 65), this is not visible on the spoon. The hallmarks on both items are clear, and include pseudo duty mark, makers mark KHC, pseudo crowned leopards head town mark, and pseudo lion passant. Khecheong was one of the most prolific Chinese Export silversmiths, he worked from Club Street, Honam Island, Canton between 1840 and 1870. He has been described as a "good silversmith" Forbes, Chinese Export Silver 1785-1885, page 255 - a book we highly recommend. A very similar long ...

Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Silver Spoon Set of 6
John Millward Banks, Birmingham 1896
$ 200.00

A lovely set of 6 Royal commemorative silver spoons, made to celebrate 60 years on the throne for Queen Victoria. The spoons have twisted stems, with a crowned finial above VR for "Victoria Reigns", above silver ball. The bowls have an applied bust of the Queen, with engraved dates 1837 -1897, both the finials and spoon bowls are gilded. The quality is good, these would have been expensive spoons when new. The spoons are perfectly preserved in their original box, the retailer was George Edward & Sons of 92 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. All 6 spoons have clear hallmarks on the back of the bowls, including makers mark J.M.B. for John Millward Banks, which operated from 1863 to 1926, they specialised in souvenir spoons and other small items.

Rare Antique Solid Gold 9 Carat Teaspoon - Griffin's Head and Coronet, B.H. Joseph & Co.
B.H. Joseph & Co., Birmingham 1891
$ 800.00

An extremely rare antique 9 carat solid gold spoon, probably made as a special commission. The spoon has a cast Griffin head above a Marquess coronet finial, the detail is lovely. The handle is twisted, and the bowl has scalloped edges, and is engraved with the original owners initials WDB. The quality is excellent, this would have been an expensive item when made. The spoon is made of 9 carat rose gold, and has been gilded in 18 carat yellow gold to enhance it's appearance. The rose and yellow gold accents accenuate the Griffin, the back of the bowl is rose gold, and the engraved initials show the rose gold coming through. We are informed by a leading London dealer that plating in 18 carat gold did occur during the period on high end goods. The hallmarks are excellent, and include makers mark BHJ, 9 and 375 for 9 carat gold, Birmingham city mark and date letter r for 1891. Additional 9 carat marks are present on the bowl. B.H. (Barnet Henry) Joseph & Co. were founded in 1865, by 1889 they were "one of the la...

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