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Cape Silver Konfyt Fork -Johan Anton Bunning     Order Form     Request more information
Reference: S1887
Period: George III
Year: Circa 1800
Silversmith: Johan Anton Bunning?
Place: Cape
Price: $ 260.00
Weight: 15 grams
Dimensions: 13.3 cm
Condition: Excellent. Slight scratches on back of tines from use.

Description: A Cape silver konfyt fork in the Fiddle pattern, with 3 tines. The tines are different from most konfyt forks, these are quite fat, widely spaced and short (3.3. cm). The fork has original owners initials TFM, the engraving in an unusual script, quite pleasing overall. The fork has makers mark I.B in oval punch, with the I and B co-joined. This is depicted in the book "Cape Silver and Silversmiths" by Stephan Welz as mark 20, page 146, for Johan Anton Bunning, a German soldier who arrived in the Cape in 1758 and died in 1793. He mark is confirmed as he made silver for the Dutch Reformed Church, whose records confirm him as maker, but the Fiddle pattern style of the fork is problematic, as it was only introduced circa 1800, so it is unlikely he made this fork. A number of alternatives exist, it could have been made by a son (Cape silversmiths regularly carried on using punches created by fathers). More likely is that this is the mark of another Cape silversmith, whose mark has not yet been attributed. IB or JB initials are confusing in the world of Cape Silver, as a number of possible candidates exist, many of whose marks have not been identified. These include Johannes Bam, Joseph Bates, J Bauchin, Jan Beyleveld, Johannes Beyleveld, Jan Bonet, Jan Brevis and John Bryant (Welz pages 128-129). Further research is required on this makers mark, all suggestions and information welcome, thanks.
Cape Silver Konfyt Fork -Johan Anton Bunning
Cape silver konfyt fork - johan anton bunning

Cape Silver Konfyt Fork -Johan Anton Bunning
Johan anton bunning - cape silver makers mark

Cape Silver Konfyt Fork -Johan Anton Bunning
Cape silver preserve fork - back

Cape Silver Konfyt Fork -Johan Anton Bunning
Cape silver - owners engraved initials TFM

Cape Silver Konfyt Fork -Johan Anton Bunning

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