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Reference: S1696
Period: George III
Year: 1802
Silversmith: John Caney
Place: London
Price: $ 1 150.00
Weight: 12 grams
Dimensions: 2.7 cm diameter, 1.4 cm height
Condition: Good. Gold arrow tip missing, hinges both intact but slightly loose, snug closure of both. Some tiny dents on side, dotted scratch mark on cover. Arrow swivel mechanism fully working. Interior gilding good, grille possibly regilded.

Description: A rare and interesting silver gaming vinaigrette, with a rotating disk with mounted gold arrow that points at a dial with numbers from 1 to 10. The vinaigrette is circular, with 5 sections between each numeral, the rotating disk is engraved with a radiating pattern, which adds grip to allow the disk to be rotated to the desired number. The base of the vinaigrette has an attractive engraved floral arrangement, the sides are decorated with further engraving and prick work bands. The interior grille is plain, but with a pattern of punched holes, as is common on earlier vinaigrettes. The interior is gilded, the base lemon yellow, the lid and grille a slightly darker gold colour, so possibly re-gilded. The hallmarks are clear, on both the base and the lid, the grille has no hallmarks. The hallmarks include makers mark IC in rectangular punch without dot, we have tentatively ascribed to John Caney (Grimwade 1218), as his mark has no dot and he was a small worker of the period (registered 1800). Unfortunately the IC initials are quite common, a number of different silversmiths of the period used it, including John Carter, Joshua Cooper, Joseph Cooper and a number of others (opinions welcome). A very similar gaming counter box (as opposed to vinaigrette) is depicted in the book "Investing in Silver" by Eric Delieb, page 117, this one has Roman numerals 1 to 10, and a pull off lid, it would have contained gaming tokens. We are not aware of any other gaming vinaigrettes in the literature.
Georgian Silver Gaming Vinaigrette
Georgian silver gaming vinaigrette - pointing to 6

Georgian Silver Gaming Vinaigrette
Georgian silver gaming vinaigrette, golden arrow, broken tip

Georgian Silver Gaming Vinaigrette
Base of gaming vinaigrette, engraved flowers

Georgian Silver Gaming Vinaigrette
Vinaigrette, open lid, pierced silver gilt grille

Georgian Silver Gaming Vinaigrette
Open grille on antique silver gaming vinaigrette

Georgian Silver Gaming Vinaigrette
Georgian hallmarks, maker IC

Georgian Silver Gaming Vinaigrette
Hallmarks on silver vinaigrette lid

Georgian Silver Gaming Vinaigrette
Georgian silver vinaigrette, scale

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