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Antique Silver
Gleninsheen Collar Irish Silver Caddy Spoon
Reference: S1693
Period: Elizabeth II
Year: 1973
Silversmith: Thomas O'Connor & Sons
Place: Dublin
Price: $ 230.00
Weight: 32 grams
Dimensions: 7.8 cm
Condition: Excellent

Description: A commemorative Irish silver caddy spoon, with the Gleninsheen collar handle and rounded square bowl, made to commemorate Ireland's entry into the E.E.C (European Economic Community). The original Gleninsheen collar is a gorget or neck ornament made from a sheet of pure gold, dating back to approximately 700 BC, it was dicovered by a farmer in 1932 in County Clare near the Gleninsheen wedge tombs, it is now in the National Museum. The collar has also featured on Irish stamps, and has been included in the book "The History of Ireland in 100 Objects" (which we can recommend). The caddy spoon also has the Gleninsheen Collar hallmark, which was only used in 1973. All the hallmarks are are well struck and very clear with no wear. An identical spoon was also part of the John Norie collection (lot 7, Part 1 of John Norie Collection of Caddy Spoons, Woolley & Wallis, April 2004). This spoon also features in the Pearson Silver Collection of post war British silver (www.pearsoncollection.com). Note - This spoon was also produced in 20 carat gold, we assume in limited quantities, and bears the Dublin 3 feathers gold mark (used from 1784 until the current day.). Thomas O'Connor and his son Jim specialised in silver and jewellery with an Irish theme, they opened up the Claddagh ring market in the USA. In 1983 they were victims of one of the largest diamond and gold thefts in European history, when Martin Cahill (The General) stole over 2.5 million Euro's in stock, by breaking into a boiler room not connected to the alarm system (we recommend the movie "The General" about the life and death of Martin Cahill). The O'Connor's were underinsured and never recovered, they had to retrench over 100 staff (source www.theirishgifthouse.biz).
Gleninsheen Collar Irish Silver Caddy Spoon
Gleninsheen Collar Irish Silver Caddy Spoon

Gleninsheen Collar Irish Silver Caddy Spoon
Gleninsheen Collar - silver caddy spoon

Gleninsheen Collar Irish Silver Caddy Spoon
Back of irish caddy spoon, gleninsheen collar

Gleninsheen Collar Irish Silver Caddy Spoon
Irish silver hallmarks, gleninsheen collar 1973, thomas o'connor & sons

Gleninsheen Collar Irish Silver Caddy Spoon
irish silver caddy spoon - scale

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