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Antique Silver
Roman Silver Ligula (Spatula)
Reference: S1680
Period: AD 200
Year: Circa AD 200
Place: Italy
Price: $ 190.00
Weight: 12 grams
Dimensions: 15.6 cm
Condition: Very good given age. Some discolourations on stem may be old repairs, but we think they could be caused by impurities in the silver

Description: An interesting Roman silver Ligula (or spatula), used for getting cosmetics (or medicinal products) out of long necked jars (balsamaries). The ligula has a rounded shaft with a slight knob on the end, a baluster decoration on the stem (perhaps to improve grip), and a feather or leaf shaped bowl, the 2 sides joined at a 135 degree angle. The bowl also has 3 curved engraved lines, possibly for decoration. The stem is quite rough to the feel (the opposite of smooth and even), it has a number of knocks, small cracks and holes, and discouloured patches, perhaps the result of a long and rough life, but we feel more likely from impurities in the silver when it was made (we welcome opinions, this is certainly not our area of expertise, thanks)
Roman Silver Ligula (Spatula)
Roman silver ligula

Roman Silver Ligula (Spatula)
Roman Ligula bowl

Roman Silver Ligula (Spatula)
roman ligula side view

Roman Silver Ligula (Spatula)
stem - roman spatula

Roman Silver Ligula (Spatula)
roman ligula finial knob

Roman Silver Ligula (Spatula)
Ligula blade and baluster

Roman Silver Ligula (Spatula)

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