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Antique Silver
Boer War Silver Salver - Relief of Mafeking
Reference: S1516
Period: Edward VII
Year: 1902
Silversmith: Barker Brothers
Place: Birmingham
Price: $ 2 500.00
Weight: 540 grams
Dimensions: 27 cm diameter
Condition: Very good, a few dents have been repaired, this does not interefere with engraving. Slight wear to engraving.

Description: An important piece of Boer War memorabilia, celebrating the relief of Mafeking. A piecrust salver with beaded border and scrolled engraving. The hallmarks are clear, makers mark BB, for Barker Brothers. The salver has the crest of the Imperial Light Horse (ILH), which was raised in Johannesburg by English speaking South Africans to fight as part of the "Uitlander Army", on the side of the British during the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). The crest has 2 crossed flags (Union Jack and Transvaal Republic). The inscription reads " Officers Patrol, who rode with Major Karri Davies into Mafeking on the night of May 16th 1900. J Dryden, AB Duirs, EW Warby, JE Merton, LM Harvey, G Seymour, HF Francis, EA Betton. Presented to J. Emerton by Major Karri Davies." Major Davies was 2IC of the ILH, and was quite a character. He was a key participant of the Jameson Raid, and spent time in prison after its disasterous end. This salver commemorates his leading the first English contingent into Mafeking, thus ending the siege after 217 days. He also led a famous patrol that disabled 2 Boer "Long Tom" artillery guns on Gun Hill, during the siege of Ladismith. When challenged by a Boer picket, Major Davies bellowed the command "Fix bayonets and charge the buggers" (The Boer War, Thomas Pakenham, pg 271), even though the ILH never carried bayonets - The Boers fled. This salver matches one presented to H.F. Francis, which we have already sold (item S 1163, http://leopardantiques.com/object/stock/detail/163 ). Nine salvers were ordered by Major Davies, one each for the eight officers and one for the major himself. This particular salver was inherited by Harry Emerton, a nephew of J Emerton, who in turn gave it to a friend who was a Sergeant Major in the Light Horse Regiment, and was also a member of the ILH Regiment. Barker Brothers worked between 1872 and 1974.
Boer War Silver Salver - Relief of Mafeking
Boer War Silver Salver - Relief of Mafeking

Boer War Silver Salver - Relief of Mafeking
Relief of Mafeking - Major Karri Davies

Boer War Silver Salver - Relief of Mafeking
Detail of feet

Boer War Silver Salver - Relief of Mafeking
Detail of engraving and beading

Boer War Silver Salver - Relief of Mafeking

Boer War Silver Salver - Relief of Mafeking

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