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Antique Silver
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Reference: S1476
Period: William IV
Year: 1837
Silversmith: John Bettridge
Place: Birmingham
Price: $ 220.00
Weight: 10 grams
Dimensions: 2.6 cm *2.0cm *0.8 cm height
Condition: Excellent, snug closure, hinges good, gilding excellent. No noticeable dents or scratches.

Description: An attractive and dainty Georgian silver vinaigrette of very small dimensions, definitely made for a lady. It is engraved with a Scottish thistle on the base, and has a plain but decorative grill. The lid has a tiny cartouche surrounded by leaves in an oval design, the engraving is pretty but a bit chunky. The gilded grill has an unusual pierced pattern, done by hand, and the original sponge is still present. The hallmarks are very clear on both the lid and base, the grill is also hallmarked. Poole (Identifying Antique British Silver) identifies Bettridge working between 1817 and 1834, as this box is 1837 those dates must be considered erroneous. Bettridge is known for his fine quality silver boxes.
Georgian Silver Vinaigrette
Georgian silver vinaigrette

Georgian Silver Vinaigrette
Side view

Georgian Silver Vinaigrette
Vinaigrette open showing grill

Georgian Silver Vinaigrette
Original sponge

Georgian Silver Vinaigrette
Grill showing hallmark

Georgian Silver Vinaigrette

Georgian Silver Vinaigrette

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