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Antique Silver
Cape Silver Tablespoons (3) - Combrink
Reference: S1455
Period: George III
Year: Circa 1815
Silversmith: Johannes Combrink
Place: Cape
Price: $ 300.00
Weight: 185 grams
Dimensions: 22.0 cm
Condition: Excellent, no dents, tips well preserved. Identification cut on back of each.

Description: A set of 3 Cape silver tablespoons by Johannes Combrink, who worked in Cape Town between 1814 and 1853. These spoons are excellent quality and robust, well suited for use. The spoons resemble the Old English pattern, but are Continental in design, with a V shaped drop, strong lip on tip and flattening to the top half of the handles. Given the Continental style of these spoons, which is confined to early Cape flatware, we can assume they were made early in Combrink's career, probably between 1814 (when Combrink started producing silver) and 1820, when the English 1820 settlers arrived in the Cape, bringing with them English styles. Each spoon has a small identification nick on the back at the top of the handle (1-2 mm). The makers mark IC (Welz mark 32) is clearly struck on all 3 spoons.
Cape Silver Tablespoons (3) - Combrink
Cape Silver Tablespoons - Combrink

Cape Silver Tablespoons (3) - Combrink
Combrink makers mark

Cape Silver Tablespoons (3) - Combrink
V shaped drop

Cape Silver Tablespoons (3) - Combrink

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