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Antique Silver
Eagle's Wing Caddy Spoon - Reproduction
Reference: S1305
Period: Elizabeth II
Year: 1982
Silversmith: Roberts & Belk
Place: Sheffield
Price: $ 390.00
Weight: 25 grams
Dimensions: 7.4 cms
Condition: Excellent.

Description: A modern reproduction of the rare "eagle's wing" caddy spoon, amongst the most collectable and desirable of all caddy spoons. The original versions of this spoon were produced by Joseph Willmore and Matthew Linwood in Birmingham circa 1815. It was also copied by George Unite in Birmingham circa 1865 (see John Norie Collection of Caddyspoons - Woolley & Wallis, 2004). John Norie himself described the eagles wing caddyspoon as "the most revered and sought after of all specimens" in his definitive book on the subject. This is a cast spoon (cast marks can be seen on the base), and is very good quality and gauge, and pleasing to hold. The plumage is textured and the hallmarks are very clear. The eagle's wing caddy spoon is the emblem of the Society of Caddy Spoon Collectors, who recently published the book "The Caddy Spoon in the 20th Century", with the eagles wing featured on the back cover. They note that Thomas Bradbury & Sons reproduced the eagle's wing caddyspoon (page 18) along with other traditional spoons, in the early 20th century.
Eagle's Wing Caddy Spoon - Reproduction
Eagles Wing Caddyspoon

Eagle's Wing Caddy Spoon - Reproduction
Hallmark and detail

Eagle's Wing Caddy Spoon - Reproduction

Eagle's Wing Caddy Spoon - Reproduction
Back of spoon

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