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Dognose Hanoverian Dutch Silver Tablefork
Reference: S1250
Period: George II
Year: 1768
Silversmith: Bartholomeus van der Tooren
Place: Rotterdam
Price: $ 100.00
Weight: 70 grams
Dimensions: 19.2 cm
Condition: Good to excellent - some wear.

Description: Early Dutch bottom-marked silver tablefork, with transitional elements from Dognose to early Hanoverian pattern. The fork has a distinct Dognose, and a very pronounced rib on the front of the fork. The fork has a double drop, with the "Hague Leaflet" (lofje), a little lip at the join of the handle, typical of flatware made in The Hague (as opposed to Amsterdam) (source Dutch Silver, pg 83, MH Gans). The fork is of good gauge, very pleasing to hold, and engraved with the initials HLZW on the back. The hallmarks are exceptionally clear, showing makers mark (triangle device), lion rampant silver guarantee mark (875), Rotterdam city mark, and date letter K for 1768. The fork also has a puzzling and rare 5th hallmark (added later), being the duty mark used in the Netherlands between 1807 and 1810, for articles of foreign manufacture without payment of duty (source Tardy, International Hallmarks on Silver, pg 317). We can only surmise the fork was re-imported into the Netherlands at that time. Thanks to information provided by a Dutch dealer, we have amended our date from 1736 to 1768, and the makers device of tower with small flag is for Bartholomeus van der Tooren.
Dognose Hanoverian Dutch Silver Tablefork
Dutch dognose

Dognose Hanoverian Dutch Silver Tablefork
Hague lofje

Dognose Hanoverian Dutch Silver Tablefork
Initials and dognose

Dognose Hanoverian Dutch Silver Tablefork

Dognose Hanoverian Dutch Silver Tablefork

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