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Antique Silver
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Reference: S1222
Period: Victorian
Year: 1894
Silversmith: Roberts & Belk
Place: Sheffield
Price: $ 150.00
Weight: 100 grams
Dimensions: 6,5 cm
Condition: Good, 1 arm has a slight kink, the balls on arm ends have small dents from use.

Description: Unusual pair of knife rests, shaped as a pair of "jacks", with a central ball with 6 arms, each ending in a small ball. They are nice and solid, and a very good weight. In addition to clear hallmarks, they also carry a registration number (111097), indicating the design was registered by Roberts & Belk, and a small crest depicting a Roman oil lamp. Roberts and Belk were a well known firm, first established in 1809, and bought by CJ Vander in 1961.
Silver Knife Rests (pair)
Hallmark and crest

Silver Knife Rests (pair)
Knife rests

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