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The Crest of the Family of Watts

The crest as engraved upon this George III Silver Sauce Boat (Ref – S1235) made by Daniel Smith and Robert Sharp, London 1761 undoubtedly belonged to a family bearing the surname Watts or one of its variant spellings.  The crest of the family of Watts, of Hanslope Park in the county of Buckinghamshire may be blazoned (without the use of a collar about the dog’s neck) as follows:

Crest:               A greyhound sejant argent supporting with its dexter foot an arrow or headed and barbed of the first

Certainly other families bearing this surname made use of sejant (sitting) greyhound supporting with its dexter (right) foreleg/forepaw or foot an arrow.  Often the greyhound was collared.  The greyhound crest of the Watts family of Cotlington in the county of Somerset had a collar about its neck which was azure (blue) studded or (gold), whilst the crest as shown here has a plain ringed collar, but still with its attendant arrow that marks it out as the crest of another Watts family.

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